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However, social and economic development is lower in the states of the former East Germany than in the states that previously belonged to West Germany. In 2019, the EU has also imposed sanctions on individuals and organizations in Iran that they believe are behind attempts to kill Iranian dissidents living in Europe. Iran has refused to negotiate its missile program, and has also criticized EU countries for providing protection to what they call terrorist groups trying to control the Iranian regime. Germany is one of the three major EU countries that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015. After losing World War II, Germany and Berlin were divided into four zones, and from 1949 divided into West Germany and East Germany. In those cases, each is listed separately and they are designated as "B" (bibliographic) or "T" (terminology). Interesting Image Color-Grayscale Switching. The rivers have been important for the country’s central role in European trade. FREE! English language Tutor. 2-letter country codes, ... country, dependency, exotic destination, island, major city, ocean, ... Germany DE DEU 276 49 Ghana GH GHA Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages Codes arranged alphabetically by alpha-3/ISO 639-2 Code. The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. The UN Association is offering a role-playing game for the 2019-20 school year in which students will try to resolve a conflict in the Security Council (Iran and the nuclear issue). DE. Contact tutor. help" forum at the support area is Immigration and refugee policy are important domestic policy issues in Germany. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? After repeated attempts to form unions between kingdoms in the 19th century, the German Empire was established in 1871, with Wilhelm I as emperor. Several peoples fought for land in the next centuries, before Otto I became German-Roman emperor in 962. Last week's challenge: There is a standard two-letter abbreviation for an English word that has an unusual property: The first letter of the abbreviation is the second letter of the word. As you can see, the abbreviations (whether 3-letter, 1-or-2-letter, or single letter) are chosen as to avoid any abiguity which color is meant.-- "It was our last, best hope for peace -- it failed. Thanks for your answers. Further south, there is a typical central European inland climate, with greater variations between seasons. LB was commonly used for Labrador—the mainland part of the province—prior to 2002. Likewise, you'd think some electricians would have a thing, but my google-fu is weak this morning. Deborah Wymann. The harsh conditions contributed to the rise of Nazism under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, in the early 1930s. However, this is disputed because. While the 2-letter system is widely accepted internationally, you also see the 3-letter country abbreviation codes, like CAN for Canada, used by computers and world organizations.Find all the different 2-letter and 3-letter country codes organized by continent. Coding tips, tricks, and treasures. The country is not rich in natural resources and must therefore import both energy and most of the raw materials into industry. ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-2; Three-Letter Country Codes ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-3; Deutsch ; Español ; Français . By pursuing an offensive climate policy, Germany has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions since the 1990s. There has been a great deal of political debate about the future of these weapons, but for now, Germany is agreeing on what they consider to be one of the main foundations for security and burden sharing within the NATO alliance. The UN also uses 3-letter codes, and numerical codes to identify nations, and those are shown above. Germany also has low unemployment. GReen and GRey/GRay could be confused, so I use GreeN and SLate. HR - Croatia 15. From being one of the Western European economies with the biggest problems in the 1990s and early 2000s, Germany has had higher economic growth since 2010 than most of the other eurozone countries. BE - Belgium 3. GR - Greece 14. Germany is an important member of NATO and has both US military bases and tactical nuclear weapons deployed on its territory. The eighth edition, promulgated February 19, 2004, and effective April 1, 2004, replaced all codes with new ones based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes. 09/17/2013 Update: The foreign country Mayotte (MF) was removed. husband and wife team via there isn't a 2 letter abbreviation for march and may when trying to abbreviate those letters march is mar and may stays he same What is 2 letter abbreviation for Germany? If you still can't find the country you're looking for, please let me know which country it is. Email: Click Here Satisfaction Guaranteed. STANDS4. In recent years, the EU has expressed great concern about Iran’s role in regional conflicts in the Middle East (such as Syria, Yemen and Iraq), and wants Iran to impose voluntary restrictions on its military missile and missile program. RRP $11.95. Here's a list of codes for the countries | Scott G. Hall Now it's our last best hope." English language English abbreviations. To confirm your subscription, click on the link in that email. =] There is not a proper way to abbreviate the word 'consideration'. Asked by Wiki User. Two-letter abbreviations for countries ("US", not "U.S."); Abbreviations beyond three letters (full caps for all except initialisms [clarification needed]); Words seldom abbreviated with lower case letters ("PR", instead of "p.r. A click can be accomplished with JavaScript, too. Northwest Territories: NT: N.W.T. All countries in the world. If you really do need to abbreviate the word, you could use the abbreviation of 'cons'. Sometimes (in menu descriptions and article titles), when spelling out a number of countries would make the description or title too long, we use the internationally accepted two-letter codes for countries -- similar to the three-letter codes for airports. DE - Germany 7. Germany is the world’s fourth largest economy, after the US, China and Japan. Was this blog post helpful to you? Germany was a founding member of the European Union (EU), and today plays a key role in regional and international cooperation. Netherlands. other software code found on This 2-letter country name abbreviation table is for me. Or, content can be omitted for specific IP addresses. Country Codes The lists below are based upon International Standard ISO-3166-1993. All information in WillMaster Blog articles is presented AS-IS. Rate: Nominate. These official EU abbreviations are used in a number of places, including government documentation. NL; Country Code NL Country code according to ISO-3166 Alpha-2. In larger cities and university towns it is easy to find OmU or OF films shown in the original language, with or without German subtitles. Germany is a warm defender of the Non-Proliferation Agreement, and makes significant contributions to the control work carried out by the IAEA. Iran, for its part, is positive to INSTEX, but believes that the mechanism must also include oil trade to meet its economic needs. Meet the Germans German abbreviations: A love-hate relationship. Kosovo's abbreviation is there but not taken from Wikipedia (Not listed on Wiki due to Serbian disputes) Quiz by michaelngwa. The country is therefore very confident that the inspections carried out by the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Iran are working as intended. As remuneration for the time and research involved to provide quality links, None of this would be possible without an IAEA organization. Asked by Wiki User. … Examples. There are 205 current NOCs (National Olympic Committees) within the Olympic Movement. Write powerful, clean and maintainable JavaScript. So, apparently, the map expects a 3-letter country code, not 2. Browse and search thousands of Language Codes (2 Letters) Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource. FR - France 12. List of Country Abbreviations. The coming wave of old age, and large government spending on pensions, could also be a future challenge for the German economy. In the SAP GUI you will usually see a two or four letter code like EN, DE or enUS, deDE for English / German. Germany, together with the other EU countries in the nuclear agreement, must consider whether to meet Iran’s demand for oil trade to be included in INSTEX. As mentioned, Germany is one of the NATO countries that has US tactical nuclear weapons deployed on its territory as part of NATO’s security umbrella for Europe. In all other cases there is only one ISO 639-2 code. In the centuries BCE. Like Reply Report 2 years ago. NF was the two-letter abbreviation used before the province's name changed to Newfoundland and Labrador. The "Code in articles Whenever we link to something not our own, you should assume CA, WA, BC, QC etc. There are 21 languages that have alternative codes for bibliographic or terminology purposes. — nominativ(nominative) Akk. Here you go. Some of our support is from people like you who see the value Two-letter country codes are used to represent countries and states (often both widely recognized and not) as a code of two letters.. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 is the main set of two-letter country codes that is currently used. How do you abbreviate the word Germany? – 400 possibly the Romans also conquered areas. Unless INSTEX is expanded, Iran threatens to gradually increase its enrichment of uranium beyond what the 2015 nuclear agreement allows. This is the list of NATO country codes.Up to and including the seventh edition of STANAG 1059, these were two-letter codes (digrams). T.N.-O. — The two-letter ISO code should be used (ISO 3166 alpha-2), except for Greece, for which the abbreviation EL is recommended.The order of protocol for the Member States is alphabetical, based on the original written form of the short name of each country. To find more information about other abbreviation you can search in Google. Using the position:fixed; CSS declaration for a browser-based online ebook reader. (anonymous form). N. Netherlands. The variations in the landscape mean that the country has a varied climate. *Im Kino (At the movies) - The following abbreviations are commonly found in German movie listings. The United States has suggested that the force could act as an escort for merchant ships to sail through the area, but this fears Germany could cause the force to be involuntarily drawn into the fierce confrontation that the United States wants with Iran. Sorry for such a late reply, the Abbreviation for germany is DE or DEU. Hi everyone! This table is based on the ISO 2 letter (Alpha-2 code, ISO 639-1) and 3 letter (Alpha-3 code, ISO 639-2) Standard Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages. of all that's offered for FREE at this In this article, you will learn how to impose a maximum number of characters that form type="text" and textarea fields may accept. Germany is one of the countries working to stack on its feet an alternative trade mechanism (INSTEX) so that Iran can continue to trade with Europe without companies in those countries being affected by US sanctions. This was due to the enormous cost of the transition to modern market economics in former East Germany. NL. Галина . Share. The table does not include mostly ancient languages that do not have an assigned two letter code. The policy is dominated by the Christian Democratic CDU and the Social Democratic SPD, which has formed several coalition governments since Germany’s reunification. 1. DK - Denmark 8. Answer. If you can't find the country you're looking for, do a search with your browser. CH is the abbreviation for Switzerland, the 132nd largest country in the world. SAP uses multiple codes to represent a language. Top Answer . Large parts of the country are heavily polluted due to emissions from the heavy industry, which has led to acid rain and poor soil. Copyleft 2020 Sustainable Sources is Powered by 100% Renewable Energy. (The accusative, dative, and genitive are only three of the four German cases.) The names of the Member States of the European Union must always be written and abbreviated according to the following rules. German abbreviations are, just like slang, an important part of German culture. Germany consists of three different landscape areas: the northern German lowlands, with the coastal areas towards the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the mountain areas in the middle of the country and the high mountain landscape in the south, which make up the northernmost parts of the Alps. Germany is also in favor of the creation of a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East. Here's a list of codes for the countries In the north there is a temperate coastal climate, with hot summers and mild winters. When it comes to the recent turmoil in the Strait of Hormuz, Germany has asked both the US and Iran to show restraint. At ALLCOMPETITIONS we use the same three-letter abbreviation country codes as the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 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Nom. The 2-letter abbreviation as issued by the ISO (International Orginization for Standardization) for Ireland is IE. The 3-letter abbreviation - issued and used by the UN (United Nations) - for Ireland is IE. Germany has therefore refused to participate in the naval force to escort merchant ships through Hormuz. Unemployment is also far greater in the eastern part of the country. DE is the abbreviation for Germany, the 62nd largest country in the world. GB - United Kingdom 13. All two-color combinations of the above single colors are allowed to be used. It was an official code available for optional use in lieu of NF and was listed in the Canada Postal Guide. NL is the two-letter country abbreviation for Netherlands. However, the country has some understanding that all countries in the region must agree on this before the zone is created.

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